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Cotton wool roll
Dental Cotton Roll
Cotton wool ball
Cotton wool ball
Cotton wool ball
Wooden cotton applicator
Plastic cotton applicator
Sterile cotton applicator
Cotton zig zag
Cotton zig zag
Cotton zig zag
Eye pad
Combine dressing roll (Non-woven cover)
Combine dressing roll (Absorbent gauze cover)
Combine dressing pad(Gamgee)
Basic Dressing Set
Ophthalmic Dressing Pack
Disposable oral care dressing pack
Circumcision Dressing Pack
Vaginal Examination Set
Suture Removal Kit
Suture Kit
Male circumcision kit
CPR Breathing Mask
One-way valve 2#
One-way valve 1#
First-aid training kit
Oral clean stick
Sponge clean stick
Surgical scrub brush dry
Surgical Brush impregnated with chlorhexidine
Surgical Brush impregnated with PVP Iodine
Surgical Plastic Forceps
Haemostatic forceps
Intestinal irrigator

RICHMED is a manufacturer specializing in the production of medical products for export. It is located in Taizhou,a city with a long history of  traditional Chinese culture and many beautiful sceneries.
Our company has been equipped with fully hermetic sealed workshops and top class manufacturing facilities to produce high quality medical products. Its majority products are exported to Europe, the North America, the Middle East, the Southeast Asia and Japan.  

RICHMED‘s current product portfolio cover : 
● Medical cotton consumables : Aborbent Cotton Wool, Cotton Ball, Dental cotton roll, Cotton applicator,  zig-zag cotton , cotton eye pad, cotton wool bale,cotton sliver etc.
● Medial dressing kits : Disposable wound care dressing kit with multiply specifications, Vaginal examination set , suture kit ,  Male Circumcision kit etc.
● Other surgical device : Surgical tweezers, CPR face shield , Surgical hand brush, Oral sponge swab etc.

Sales deparment
Sales Manager: Ms. Linda Lee
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Customer service
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Quality Assurance
Mr. Nave Lu
Address: Industrial Area, Sucheng Town, Taizhou
City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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